What Career Guidance Isn't

Some common myths regarding job counselling exist. Let's start with what career counselling isn't:

  1. It is not general career, course, or curriculum guidance.
  2. Job counsellors assist you in determining the best career options for you depending on your skills. Their advice and recommendations are unbiased.
  3. It is not a quick fix that yields instant results.
  4. It takes time, effort, and patience to provide career counselling. It is a long-term process that necessitates many modifications on the student's behalf.
  5. It is not a service that assists you in obtaining employment or college admissions.
  6. Career counsellors are not employed by any educational institution. They can only assist you in realizing your full potential and pursuing the top institutes and firms in your field.
  7. It is not a method that is determined through trial and error.
  8. Career counselling is a thorough and scientific procedure that entails making reasoned decisions based on factual facts and study.

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