Career Discovery - Career in Merchant Navy

Do you like to go across the world on ships and on maritime excursions? Becoming a Navy merchant is a demanding but rewarding job for individuals who appreciate the sea and the vessels that sail on it. It is a profession that involves transporting various items over the water in the form of cargo or tankers. Because it is the primary route of international trade, this is a vital profession. It varies from a job in a country's navy in that you work for commercial corporations rather than governments, and you're more concerned with trading than with protecting the country.

A naval merchant officer is assigned to several cargo boats. They are in charge of sailing the ship using satellites, radars, and other relevant equipment, as well as ensuring that the ship's safety precautions are in place and that the ship functions properly on a regular basis. They must also regularly analyze data from satellites and other navigation instruments, as well as stay current on a variety of commercial, governmental, and nautical concerns, and ensure the safety of the crew and ship.

Lets understand the benefits and drawbacks of Merchant Navy as a career :-


  • It is a well-respected profession.
  • It's a job with a high starting wage and consequently a lot of possibilities.
  • When not working, a long period of time off is granted, usually between 4 and 6 months.


  • It is a dangerous occupation because sea conditions are not always favorable.
  • Long lengths of time away from home are required.
  • Urgent aid would not be available in the event of an emergency.

Required Skills

A navy merchant's job demands them to make decisions based on the ever-changing maritime conditions. So, in addition to decision-making capabilities, teamwork, resourcefulness, technical, and analytical skills are required.

How to Pursue Merchant Navy as a Profession 

In order to pursue a profession in Merchant Navy, you must study science courses such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, in school. You must enroll in BSc. in Marine Catering or Nautical Science/B.Tech. in Marine Engineering . 

MSc. in Marine Catering or Nautical Science/M.Tech. in Marine Engineering/MBA in Shipping and Logistics are some of the post-graduate choices.

Job Opportunities 

They conduct investigations to determine who committed crimes and gather information in order to prosecute and convict criminals. few positions are as follow :

  • Deck Department
  • Engine Department
  • Architecture Department
  • Catering Department

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