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Our quest at Life Skill India is to constantly push the boundaries of social work and be a beacon for societal growth and awareness. We are involved at various levels for tackling different issues that the nation faces today. Wherein, education and digital security are our top priorities.

We are constantly on the lookout for qualified individuals to join us in our mission. As an NGO, our volunteers are our biggest strength and a reflection of the quality we offer. We offer full time and part time volunteering opportunities, NGO and social work-related jobs at our establishment.

Our volunteering and job opportunities are flexible and is completely compatible to your schedules and timings. While we would love for people to be present and interact with us physically, we also provide a plethora of remote volunteering activities and options where you need not be physically present, and all work and communication will be conveyed electronically.

Take a step forward and make the best use of your spare time as a social worker. Be a part of bringing the change we need.

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