Black Ribbon Initiative

A brainchild of Mr. Varun Kapoor (IPS), Director PRTS Indore, Black Ribbon is an award winning initiative launched in November 2013 with the aim to spread awareness in the society about cyber security and safety. Black Ribbon's core objective is to safeguard citizens from becoming victims of cyber crimes and offences. At the same time, it also work towards educating citizens about Information Technology (IT Act 2008) and Cyber laws in order to prevent them being offenders voluntarily or involuntarily due to lack of knowledge. 

With Black Ribbon, Life Skill India aims to build a digitally and technically aware society. This is especially important in today's world where everyone is constantly connected to the internet and have various sets of personal and public data on different platforms. Black Ribbon workshops are conducted by renowned cyber security experts in the country who deliver knowledge in a simple yet efficient way and thus enabling citizens to protect themselves from data theft, hacking, phishing and other such activities.

With every workshop we have seen record number of people of different age groups and professions attending and gaining valuable knowledge, tips and tricks to safeguard themselves. 

We are always looking for volunteers, corporations and participants to be a part of this brilliant initiative and thus help us develop a cyber aware society. As an NPO, all our services are free of cost. 

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