Why Career Counselling

Peers or family should never influence an individual's career decision. Students' career options are no longer limited to medicine and engineering.

An individual can now choose the exact career path he wants to pursue based on his personal profile and interests, due to improved quality education, awareness, technology, and the ever-increasing and varied industry requirements.

A career selection should be made after carefully considering every small element, situation, area of interest, and scope. Unfortunately, the majority of the students do not get this right at the correct moment and wind up in courses and careers that do not satisfy their passion or keep them motivated.

Life Skill India is aware of this serious issue, and we offer personalized career counselling to students. Our counselling follows a well-defined structure that has previously proven to be quite effective. Each student is first assessed based on his academic and professional background, followed by a comprehensive psychometric test and, finally, a one-on-one counselling session with one or more of our panel of expert educators and counsellors.

We offer free counselling to students whose families have a below-poverty-line card. Currently, we are only equipped to provide these services to students in Gujarat as we have a physical presence here. Students outside Gujarat are guided online.

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